Friday, April 4, 2008

Swing - Fast Sample

In a previous article I promised to show you how to create a simple interface in an easy way using Netbeans and .NET, I will create a simple screen with some simple code, and I will do the same using .NET and Java.

Both applications (Java and .NET) will create a toolbar with two buttons, and two text boxes with their labels. The buttons will show the typical "Hello" message using the input from the text boxes. This is a very easy sample but the main idea is not to show you the architecture and complex of a big application in swing, the idea in here is to show you the point: "Swing is as easy to develop as other IDEs".

Ok, here is the .NET sample:

An here is the Java version of the same thing:

As you can see the steps are very similar, later I will show you a powerful applications using Swing without sweating your shirt. In Addition I will show you how to create enterprise applications with this technology.


Anonymous said...

What kind of tool did you use for create the video ?

Cross said...

Camtasia Studio 5.